Unique books created from original photographs and art.

Using my original Art, I create not only photo books but Prompt Journals, Activity books, story books and coloring books.
 Latest Release:

Ping and Zippy Adventure series

After keeping journals of their adventures, the two Oregon kids are releasing their stories within fun interactive mystery books. With puzzles, riddles, coloring pages, word searches, mazes and activities

The first in the series:

the Mystery of the Abandoned Mine

A fun fantasy adventure where logic is thrown aside for fun.

With Puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, and more

Ages 8 and up

Family Friendly 78 pages. softcover

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All About Bill Posner

Bill Posner is an Oregon-based artist and Image Artisan whose motivation comes from the world around and within. Most of his images are based off a photograph foundation, however, the camera is only the beginning and just a small part of his art and image creation. ​

Bill is a product of a painter mother and photographer father so he is constantly discovering hints to creativity that have been passed down to him. He invites the viewer to see through his eyes and experience what he feels. He brings you into the image and allow your imagination to take over.